Unconscious Mind

Do you listen to yourself breathe?  Now not the kind of sound you get when you breathe too fast or too slow, but the more spiritual sound you generate deep within, between the cores of your lungs. I for one enjoy it, could spend hours contemplating on nothing but the energy being built. It doesn’t really give out a physical sound and because of this you have to really generate one. It could be anything suiting your imagination. Something so constant you don’t spend your effort actually working it up. For example, I imagine my breaths to be waves rushing up to the shores and washing away at a steady, peaceful pace. Someone could use something else as we relate to the physical world more easily.

Although it could be called a cliche, and nearly every local yogi would instruct their students with the breathing exercises, this has nothing to do with yoga ( fuck that shit!)

The average man breathes up to 15-18 times per minute, amounting to about 20,000 daily. Of course it depends on a lot of factors such as weight and lung capacity which obviously varies from person to person.  If we were to increase those numbers to just about 5% more, not just our health and wellbeing would be boosted like crazy, but it affects us energetically.  Since we were born, a lot of things we do become controlled by our unconscious mind, which are all meant to be wired such as blinking, breathing and even our gag reflex.


Few know that this very unconscious mind has a natural habit of swallowing things and making us pay near to no attention to these things anymore. It tries to act as a defense mechanism. This is exactly why we get fed up of things, the same house, car, people, taste. They all becomes boring to us forcing us to search for a more, virtually better feeling either from a situation or object. Of course people say that if you are able to train this majority of your mind, you would not only become a better person, but might reveal you to yourself.

How to train it? It’s different for everyone and I’m surely not in the position to instruct as I am still finding my way. The most important is trying to control it. You would immediately notice you becoming completely different. That old car that still runs, you would never have a problem with it until it literally breaks down. That girl that you met at the bar thinking it would go a long way? It actually will without you falling out of interest. It’s the only aspect that could change you entirely. Even if you won’t want change, it would come and this time, be the real you.

Get closer to your sub conscious to be more conscious!

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