Plant a cigarette today. Oh wait?


Passing through the urban districts of Europe, you wouldn’t be able to walk three seconds without seeing cigarette butts littering the ground. Of course there are cities that have an overseeing ban of outdoor smoking such as Amsterdam and in the near future London, how should the problem be solved in other cities that are clearly in the majority?

With over 19% of the European population stated as smokers, It would cause a lot of problems making spontaneous prohibitions. Here’s when a brilliant man’s idea comes in.

Ben Forman has come up with a novel solution to this problem. Dubbed Cigg Seeds, Forman’s Idea outfits cigarettes with biodegradable filters that contain wild flower seeds. What’s best is they don’t really require suiting soil for eruption and growth. Simple out-of-the-pack moisture makes up a perfect state for the process.

The big question is however, would people actually buy these rettes? Out of the 19%, how many would actually give a damn about what their cig butts are doing after they are done draining their nicotine does out of it?.

The price would obviously be more than the average, and the taxing… don’t let me get started. The only alternative is if this idea would be spread out to the already standing tobacco giants out of which few would actually want to alter their successful formulae.

Flax, cotton or hemp, wild plants would also be unwanted in most areas such as main roads and by the entrance of your home. But this is surely already better as the norm.

A cigarette filter takes up to 15 years to break apart (and even then, dissipate not degrade as they are a synthetic material)  and stats show that over 30% of overall waste is consisted of them. This means it’s also a huge problem for recycling.


Will they make smoking more healthy?

Another firm with this concept who are already somewhat in the low market, Greenbutts, also attempted to make the cigarettes healthier but as a fail attempt their answer was :

The fact is: humans have smoked for millennia. As long as people continue to smoke, we believe that mitigating the environmental hazards associated with cigarette litter is a noble and worthwhile goal.


What do you think of the idea?




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