Have you ever walked into a cafe orDSC00052 restaurant and noticed a strange looking person, usually with a tea or black coffee, with their macbook out on the table typing so fast they look like they are chatting with God himself? Actually, chances are they are not as busy as they seem ( if you don’t call running a blog something that keeps you really busy), they might just have been me!

Well hello there, I might as well just introduce myself at this point. I’m Letov Tigran, originally Russian, spent my life in Africa, and now living in Germany. When I often tell people this combination they giggle expecting me to say it’s a silly joke but sadly, it’s me!. Anyways, I wouldn’t like to dab around me and my life, because frankly, who reads a blog based strictly on someones life? ( unless of course I was to be some hollywood actor ). This Blog, if i should keep my cool, should be based upon a simple concept, where I sit frequently at Cafes in various locations, describing what I see and what I’m thinking, trying to make you readers take an imaginative angle to things and see not just the physical things, but what they represent.

Black Coffee! Something that would be beside my laptop at each post ( hopefully no spills).  I occasionally rate the cafe I would nest myself in, and believe me, I love criticizing!.  I plan to make the readers get the interaction they deserve, so if anyone has any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask in the comments! I would always try my best to answer as many as I can.


For anyone who would like to know more about me myself and I, there is facebook! ( because, Stalkers!).

Happy reading and hopefully you can grab a coffee while you read, because we love coffee and it connects! 🙂


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