Religion and History, two things that have never been directly thrown at each other and while every conscious human believes or is affected by at least one of them, they have become too superior for the average man to doubt.

People who currently have faith and belief in a myth are a force against the truth and life. They are the deceived, and if they pass it on, are the deceivers.

The people that think they are closest to God and doing God’s work are actually the farthest away, doing the work of the deceiver.

In the past, the truth could not be known by most people, so faith was all they could have. People’s faith in myths was necessary to get us to where we are now, but now that the truth is revealed, faith is just a bridge to knowing.  Personally, I have always thought about religion as a beautiful thing for one reason. People who are weak and have had no moral standing ( alias: majority ) were brought up in religion and used it as a gateway for having the knowledge about the quite narrow borderline between good and the bad, where our conscience draws it’s cards, but then again does one actually own one? sitting deep down inside them might be nothing but flourishing standards and an unconscious mind that needs no time to tell what’s write or wrong. Namely from this “conscience” are people judged and evaluated in society as one with a positive built one could never swirl to another path and vice versa. Who knew it was a neutral energy if I may?. We look at the news channels and our local murder case shows with the occasional thought and natural wonder of how one could easily do such things, and that is the direct proof that there is no conscience without proper upbringing or religion acting as scaffoldings during the stages of one’s moulding.

History on the other hand was written for those who felt themselves ultimately excepted from religion, but on the long run even it goes to roots of religious “facts”. Filling the spots and exceptions that religion is filled with (alias things the bible often cannot explain to the fanatic), it’s like being trapped in a room with two differently shaped doors that actually lead to the same following room.

Of course these days people become more and more ignorant of not just religion but many other diverse aspects of life, with so many distractions and renowned people to look up to, they couldn’t care less. At this point, these kind of people would keep increasing in society till a day when everyone would have the same point of view. To the naive and shallow minded, this is a solution to many world problems such as war, politics and economy, but this is false, as going back to our conscience, the amount of people with one would degrade. Leading to unknown events waiting to happen. Of course no one can predict so far, one can trust something that would actually always aid us. Statistics.

And actually, speaking of statistics, there are none for something like this as the numbers and control of how strong manipulation works are controlled by a single board of men on this planet.  Unless you fancy such a chart below as the predicting statistic of the century! 🙂Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.01.41 AM



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