4. Tides

Feet sinking into the wet soaked sand, plunging yourself against the force of waves and feeling like your backside is getting roasted by the sun, these all point to the West African shores of the Atlantic ocean.

Joining my Family and their friends on their weekly trip to the beach which is about an hour’s drive, we always knew it was worthy of time for this triumph. Bags and chillers packed with aliment and beverages, we just set up base under a huge hut with benches which are just a couple of steps from the ocean.

First thing, we eat, although this time it wasn’t my idea, It was my favorite ( go figure ) then we went to dip ourselves in the ocean rather than swim, as the piercing high waves make it unbearably difficult to swim headward. My thoughts about the waves and what purpose they have in nature ( regardless the theoretical explanations ) is that they are not just a cleaning system for the oceans, but the water repels any foreign object coming it’s way ( energetically, not physically) as it was meant to be untouched through the nature of the earth. Galloping next to me, taking me out of my relaxing trance, were horses mounted by locals who offer rides to visitors with kids.  Ignored abuse of animals right there as most horses were just stomped upon and slightly trained with brutal methods,  it made no difference to the public as there were so many of them, people stopped noticing and thinking.DSC00303


Spending a great time with my family and playing by the shore with my youngest sister, the nature really charged our cores with mutual happiness and warmth, something that these days is rarely acquirable in our times.


Not having to write in a cafe on this day was pardoned as connection to nature is far more important. Only the eccentric would check this out of their lives, and I always thought to myself, that I would remember and miss this moment when I’ll be back to the rainy, freezing Franconia.


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