After a splendid breakfast at the hotel that hosted me, I had enough time to go back to my room and lay around for more than an hour as I was to wait for the shuttle that would take me to the airport. On the way to the airport in a shuttle driven by a really friendly elder Turk, I was the only one in the bus. Taking the opportunity to sit beside the driver, I had the chance to take some random photos of the suburbs surrounding Istanbul as the hotel was a bit far from city centre, and each time he saw me bring my camera up to my face, he stopped making sure I got a good shot, great!:




Now sitting in the café beside my gate, and finally getting wifi connection, I just remembered that I forgot my belt when I had to strip it off at the security check ( really sad). I sit here beside two Indian guys murmuring in Hindi and the occasional English quotes such as “ Confidence is the key “. I always found Indian men to be really close to their souls and full of energy, I’ve never met one that doesn’t seem interesting, of course there are downsides but individually of course!




Getting ready for my six hour flight to Nigeria, Africa, I eat and drink as much as I can, as my guts aren’t really friendly with airplane food.


Sitting at this point by the gate with locals, I ponder upon the fact that everyone leaves their hometown in search for something new where as people from other lands go to theirs, everyone always looks for something new, which is good but not always, personally this same fact separated my family both extended and primary all over the world. I always wonder why people don’t just stay and build up what they already have, I mean people do this but because they probably don’t have the opportunity of travelling and so on. Once there is a chance majority of people take that further step. But is it always good?


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