2 Spontaneous

Sometimes you just have to do things the other way round ie without thinking, as naturally if you are as lazy as me, you would always give yourself excuses that make you believe your own lies. I decided to grab a ticket to Africa where my mother and sister currently reside. Spending a full day in Turkey on the way, I’m looking forward to eating/writing at a lot of doner cafes ( Turkish sandwiches ).

With a full month to spend in Africa, I would want to use this opportunity to continue finding myself ( as this is an endless path for everyone ). I believe it would be a great opportunity as the weather is more friendly than Europe’s at the time. No other reason others would say like ” It’s Africa, Im surrounded by nature and untouched areas of the world “. That’s clearly bullcrap. I’ve lived in Africa for ticking up to 9 years and I can say that one gets easily integrated into it, just as into any other environment, looking at the fact that Lagos, where I would be, is a huge metropolis.

I always thought that when I leave Africa i would never miss it, but I was wrong. I did, every other day i begin in Europe drives me into thoughts about the friendly faces, the uncomplicated people and cooperative environment. It clearly shows you that when people have more similarities and little or no gaps in classes or opportunities, there is happiness. No competition, nobody looking down unto another. Now don’t mistaken this for the city life in Lagos, just as in any other, it’s a place full of corruption, foreign embezzlers and so on, but let’s not get to that part as it’s not worth spending thought on!

As I leave this German Cafe, leaving a generous tip to my attendant as he provided extra care ( and oh well, gave me the wifi password without me asking ), I would go home, pack my bags and sleep the last evening off in this freezing city!



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